Lostcreation’s Virtualization Mobile Manager Reaches Beta 1.5

From VMBlog:

lostcreations‘ Andrew Kutz is moving a mile-a-minute right now working on his Virtualization Mobile Manager (VMM) application.  Only a short time since announcing it, he is now ready with Beta 1.5.  The new Beta introduces three important new features thanks to Beta user feedback thus far.

  1. In addition to VMware Infrastructure 3 and VMware Server 2, VMM now supports the management and monitoring of Citrix XenServer 1.5.
  2. VMM now works on ALL mobile devices via its new Lite Mode. VMM will gracefully degrade itself to a zero-Javascript version if a fully-Ajax capable browser is not detected. You can now manage and monitor VMware and Xen from your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile device, or any phone with a web browser!
  3. Beta 1.5 introduces a feature we are calling Accidental Touch Detection (ATD). ATD prevents users from accidentally brushing up against a power button in full mode (as opposed to the new lite mode) and shutting down a VM. ATD requires an intentional touch (measured by a depression of 500 milliseconds)

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