CohesiveFT Releases VPN-Cubed for EC2

CohesiveFT today announced the release of VPN-Cubed for EC2, a specially packaged version of the company’s customer-controlled cloud security offering for Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Amazon EC2 users now have immediate access to this specific VPN-Cubed use-case allowing them to create and configure their own VPN-Cubed overlay network inside of and across EC2′s geographically distinct regions. The VPN-Cubed overlay network provides four key capabilities EC2 users currently cannot control: static addressing for the user’s EC2 devices; topology control by using VPN-Cubed managers as virtual switches, virtual bridges or virtual routers; use of popular enterprise protocols like UDP Multicast for service discovery; and lastly encrypted communications between all devices on the overlay network.

VPN-Cubed for EC2 is available as a Free Edition which provides a high availability version for use in one EC2 region or in one EC2 VLAN, and a paid version which allows creation of a reliable, cross-region, cross-VLAN overlay network. Both are available through Amazon DevPay as “Paid AMIs”. EC2 users can now get their own highly available and secure VPN-Cubed overlay network up and running quickly and easily.

VPN-Cubed is the first commercial solution that enables customer control in a cloud, across multiple clouds, and between private infrastructure and the clouds. VPN-Cubed provides an overlay network that allows the customer control over addressing, topology, protocols, and encrypted communications for their devices deployed to virtual infrastructure or cloud computing centers. VPN-Cubed gives customers the confidence and flexibility to utilize cloud computing by offering a layer of security that the customer controls inside of 3rd party environments.

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