We Support Obama Because He Supports Virtualization

Since we’re based in Europe, the editorial team at Virtualization.com is not afraid of showing some last minute support for Barack Obama in his presidential campaign. Pretty logical if you think of it, as “change” in the computing industry through Virtualization is what we have been preaching for years now. So we went over to Silicon Valley and went looking for trails of the 2008 presidential campaign. To our great surprise, John McCain was nowhere to be found in San Francisco, or maybe we have been looking on the wrong side of town (or state).

This campaigner on Market Street does a good job and even knew Obama’s opinion on our beloved Virtualization technology.

Barack Obama in favor of Virtualization. Vote for change in a datacenter or on a desktop near you. from Toon Vanagt on Vimeo.

Anyway, today you can make yourself and us happy by casting your vote (for change, preferably). If you’re not a US citizen, than do it here.

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I'm a Belgian based internet entrepreneur and the owner of Virtualization.com & Virtualisation.com. I failed at raising venture capital for my X86 virtualization venture in 1999 and moved on to found Casius.com, Virtualisers.be & Data.be... This is where I keep my finger on the Virtualization pulse.

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  1. John McCain says:

    Please note that I, John McCain, have fully endorsed virtualization for years and know a lot more about this technology than Barack Obama and his campaigners claim. Check my excellent track record at HP!


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