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Symantec Helps Companies Deploy, Monitor And Manage Virtualized Applications With ApplicationHA

Symantec has announced the latest version of ApplicationHA, its high availability solution for VMware virtual environments that provides customers the ability to confidently virtualize their business critical applications. The latest version of Symantec ApplicationHA extends the existing capabilities for disaster …

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New Challenges Emerge As Virtualization Goes Mainstream, Symantec Finds

Symantec recently announced the findings of its 2011 Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud Survey which examined how organizations plan to move business-critical initiatives to virtual

David Marshall’s Sneak Peek at Symantec VIBES

Symantec's R&D engineers are working on a new virtual machine technology that is focused on protecting users from online attacks while surfing the Web.  It works under the concept of setting

3PAR and Symantec Announce Joint Development Project

3PAR, global provider of utility storage, is readying an announcement about a development project with Symantec to integrate 3PAR thin provisioning technology with Veritas Storage Foundation to

Symantec Unveils Veritas Cluster Server One (VCS One)

Symantec today introduced Veritas Cluster Server One (VCS One), a new high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) platform for next-generation data centers. VCS One


Symantec Acquires nSuite Technologies, Moves Into Endpoint Virtualization Management

NetworkWorld is reporting that Symantec has agreed to acquire nSuite Technologies, a small firm specializing in virtualization solutions for the healthcare industry, for

Symantec Sets Up Virtualization Lab in Japan

Symantec today announced that Symantec Japan has opened its new "Virtualisation Solutions Lab" for customers and partners, as the company continues to deliver

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Symantec Teams Up With Citrix, Enhances Veritas Virtual Infrastructure Suite

Symantec has announced Veritas Virtual Infrastructure, which it claims to be the first solution to offer advanced storage capabilities for virtual server environments that effectively

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Symantec Agrees To Acquire Virtualization Streaming Company AppStream

At the Symantec ManageFusion 2008 event in Las Vegas, Symantec announced during the keynote session that they have agreed to acquire AppStream, the streaming company

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