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AMD demonstrates live migration across three generations of CPUs

AMD today released video and images of Live Migration (VMotion) across three generations of processors. Thanks to AMD-V Extended Migration instructions in the latest generations of CPUs, combined with VMware’s Enhanced VMotion Compatibility feature (released with ESX 3.5 Update 2 …

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The End of Neverland, What Neverland ?

Stop the presses, RedHat and AMD just announced the end of Neverland. The big News seems to be that RedHat and AMD managed to do

AMD / Red Hat Pull Off A Live Migration of VMs Across Vendor Platforms

AMD, in collaboration with Red Hat, today demonstrated for the first time “live migration” of a virtual machine across vendor platforms. Live migration enables the

AMD and Microsoft Team Up On Virtualization

AMD today announced the availability of robust new virtualization solutions powered by a combination of technologies from AMD and Microsoft. This new deployment model uses

Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processor Sets New Benchmark for Virtualization Performance on the VMware Platform

AMD today announced it has achieved the top spot on the VMware VMmark virtualization benchmark for x86 servers with the Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor-based HP


Unisys Introduces New Quad-Core AMD Server, Integrates Virtualization Services

Unisys is releasing a number of virtualization services and its first server based on AMD quad-core processors, the company announced Wednesday according to Network

Red Hat

Red Hat Embraces AMD Virtualization Capabilities In HP Servers

Red Hat today announced its support for virtualization capabilities offered by AMD processors in new HP servers.

The company's Red Hat Enterprise


Dell Now Offers Five Server Platforms Based On Quad-Core AMD Opteron

AMD today announced that Dell is now offering five server platforms based on Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors. This news follows last week’s announcement that

3Leaf Systems Obtains Intel License For CPU Virtualization

3Leaf Systems today announced it has obtained a license for Intel's QuickPath Interconnect, which will allow it to build virtualization support for Intel servers. Previously, the

Preinstalled Hypervisors And The Future of Operating Systems

Jay Lyman from The 451 Group (also check out the interview we did with John Abbott, Chief Analyst & Research Director at The 451

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