VMware Introduces Micro Cloud Foundry


VMware today announced the immediate beta availability of Micro Cloud Foundry as a free download.

Cloud Foundry delivers access to modern, high productivity frameworks and a rich ecosystem of application services from VMware, third parties and the open source community.

A complete version of Cloud Foundry that runs on a developer’s Mac or PC, Micro Cloud Foundry lets developers build end-to-end cloud applications locally, without the hassles of configuring middleware while preserving the choice of where to deploy and the ability to scale their applications without changing a line of code.

Micro Cloud Foundry is a complete version of Cloud Foundry that runs directly on a developers’ machine and offers developers choice of frameworks, choice of application infrastructure services and choice of clouds in which to deploy applications.

Because Micro Cloud Foundry runs in a local virtual machine, developers can create and experiment with cutting-edge applications on their own computers, a model consistent with traditional development processes, but lacking from current PaaS models. As a result, developers can eliminate the need to install and configure complex application infrastructure and thereby accelerate their application development process.

The first version of Micro Cloud Foundry supports popular, high-productivity programming frameworks and application services including Spring for Java, Ruby on Rails and Sinatra, Node.js, Grails and other JVM-based frameworks including Scala Lift, MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis application services.

VMware plans to include support for additional VMware vFabric services in future versions of Micro Cloud Foundry.

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