VMware / SpringSource Acquires GemStone Systems

SpringSource, a division of VMware, announced that VMware has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire GemStone Systems, a privately held provider of enterprise data management solutions based in Beaverton, Oregon.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The acquisition will advance SpringSource and VMware’s vision of providing the infrastructure necessary for emerging cloud-centric applications, with built-in availability, scalability, security and performance guarantees. These modern applications require new approaches to data management, given they will be deployed across elastic, highly scalable, geographically distributed architectures. With the addition of GemStone’s data management solutions, customers will be able to make the right data available to the right applications at the right time within a distributed cloud environment.

Today’s news, combined with the recent acquisition of Rabbit Technologie and the recent hiring of Salvatore Sanfilippo, the lead programmer for the open source Redis project, underscores VMware and SpringSource’s understanding of the critical role data management plays in application deployment to the cloud. This acquisition will further SpringSource’s strategy to deliver the application infrastructure required for modern cloud applications.

SpringSource plans to fully support GemStone’s product line and will continue to support all GemStone customers. GemStone’s flagship product is GemFire Enterprise, a scalable, distributed data platform that puts data where it is needed across a network to remove latency. Other GemStone products include GemFire SQLFabric, a memory-oriented SQL data management platform and GemStone/S, a platform for running distributed Smalltalk applications.

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  1. Samar says:

    Hi aeglxr,yupp, you’re right on that. I just want to point out that VMware is providing such a service with native VMs for their product, while Parallels is not. Best regards!


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