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Back in the early days Monitoring your Xen platforms was pretty simple xm top was pretty much all there was available. The folks over at xnCORE have release their management framework for Xen that is supposed to make administrating and monitoring Xen servers much easier.

Their xnCORE software suite for Open Source Xen server is a modular software which is available most common Linux distributions.

It has different modules :

  • Their xn-manage module combined with xn-web provide you a facility for managing your vserver online.

  • The xn-mem module is a memory distributor to your Xen vservers. Using xn-mem you can to overcommit the memory of your physical server
  • The xn-mon module creates graphical statistics on a virtual server’s usage, in these statistics you can see
    Vserver runtime, Current memory assignment, amount of assigned processors , processor usage, load averages, disk io opertions etc all in different intervals

  • The xn-traff module will as you might already expect monitor the network traffic of your virtual network servers

It is all tied together in their PHP based web application xn-web

If you want to take a look, the software is availble for download from their download center

About the author

Kris Buytaert is a long time Linux and Open Source Consultant active in Belgium , Europe and the rest of the universe. He is currently working for Inuits Kris is the Co-Author of Virtualization with Xen ,used to be the maintainer of the openMosix HOWTO and author of different technical publications. He is frequently speaking at, or organizing different international conferences He spends most of his time working on Linux Clustering (both High Availability, Scalability and HPC), Virtualisation and Large Infrastructure Management projects hence trying to build infrastructures that can survive the 10th floor test, better known today as the cloud while actively promoting the devops idea ! His blog titled "Everything is a Freaking DNS Problem" can be found at http://www.krisbuytaert.be/blog/

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