openQRM Lives On

Good news for openQRM.

Matt Rechenburg, the openQRM team lead just wrote in that he founded openQRM Enterprise GmbH, together with some core members of the openQRM Team, openQRM Enterprise is now the new main sponsor and support company behind the openQRM Open Source Data Center Management and Cloud Computing Platform.

Based in Cologne, Germany, the company is providing world-wide professional services and long-term support for openQRM with “first hand” competence.

“openQRM Enterprise consolidates the technical competence of the core
members and developers of the openQRM Project, experienced with every
detail of this Open Source solution, to supply expert knowledge for
custom, sustainable Data Center setups in best-practice. Our focus is to
lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for IT departments using a
proven Open Source framework. ” say the founders of openQRM Enterprise GmbH:

openQRM is one of the most important Open Source Datacenter, Virtualization and Cloud management frameworks, with support to manage different virtualization platforms including VMWare, Xen and KVM, easy migration paths including both P-to-V, V-to-P and also V-to-V migrations.

After going from proprietary to Open Source product, Qlusters shutting down shop, openQRM now gets a bright new future, openQRM Enterprise GMBH could well become the RedHat of the Open Source Enterrpise Management tools, or Open Source Entrprise Virtualization tools, or Open Source Cloud tools ..

More here.

About the author

Kris Buytaert is a long time Linux and Open Source Consultant active in Belgium , Europe and the rest of the universe. He is currently working for Inuits Kris is the Co-Author of Virtualization with Xen ,used to be the maintainer of the openMosix HOWTO and author of different technical publications. He is frequently speaking at, or organizing different international conferences He spends most of his time working on Linux Clustering (both High Availability, Scalability and HPC), Virtualisation and Large Infrastructure Management projects hence trying to build infrastructures that can survive the 10th floor test, better known today as the cloud while actively promoting the devops idea ! His blog titled "Everything is a Freaking DNS Problem" can be found at

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