Vizioncore Announces Changes To Product Team

Vizioncore today announced key changes to its product team: Jason Mattox, a founder of the company, will assume the role of vice president, Support and CTO, and Tyler Jewell becomes vice president, Products.

As vice president, CTO, and one of the original founders of Vizioncore, Jason Mattox remains the driving force behind Vizioncore’s product strategy to create a comprehensive set of solutions that propels management of virtual environments to new levels of precision and flexibility, while addressing the realities and challenges that today’s companies face. Mattox is one of the industry’s top minds in virtualization, with 12 years experience in IT architecture,An focused on consolidation and virtualization from the desktop to the enterprise.

As vice president, Products for Vizioncore, Tyler Jewell is responsible for Product Management and Product Marketing Management. Having been with Quest Software, Vizioncore’s parent company, for more than four years, Jewell has been responsible for a wide range of businesses spanning database, application, and infrastructure management. He led the team that brought vFoglight and vControl to market, and drove a portfolio to include investments in a number of high growth markets. He brings a wealth of experience from previous positions at BEA, Veritas and MySQL.

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