Release: Karesansui 1.0

The Karesansui project has released version 1.0 of its open source virtualization management application.

While version 1.0 only supports the Xen hypervisor, the developers plan to support KVM and other virtualization systems in the future.  Administrators can install a virtual guest OS, boot VMs, shutdown VMs, and reach the virtual console directly through a Web browser interface.

The application is licensed under the GPL and LGPL and uses open source components such as: Python, libvirt, webpy, flup, lighttpd, psycopg2, tightvncviewer, jquery, jquery.form.  The web interface also has a RESTful architecture allowing for other applications to interact with it over HTTP.

Karesansui is available to download and you can also find an installation tutorial as well.  If you are looking for screenshots, you can find them here.

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