BlueBear Says Kodiak and Koala Can Unchain Virtualization from Data Centers

We’re going to let you discover what the Washington-based startup BlueBear is trying to do with Koala (“the world’s smallest, most powerful virtualization-ready server”) and Kodiak (“the industry’s only application that’s both hypervisor-agnostic and cross-platform”) for yourself on their fun and informative website.

Here’s the takeaway:

Kodiak is largely built on Adobe AIR, is deployable on Windows, Mac and Linux, provides native support for VMware and Xen servers (Hyper-V support planned), comes with a visual map user interface, and allows unlimited consoles. Not only is it free of cost, its soon to be shared SDK coupled with Adobe’s Flex IDE allows high extensibility for end-user customization. Watch the teaser video here.

We’d use it if only for the fun names and cool website copywriting (“written and optimized from scratch by actual bears, …”), but unfortunately, it’s invite-only so far.

[Source: Flex RIA]

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  1. Lamont Cranston says:

    The software is available here

    Runs ok on Fedora Linux, but on Windows I had issues with the warning pop ups. This is not a problem, since I wanted it for my Linux half of the desktop – I use synergy ( to link my Windows and Linux boxes together – its a sweet setup, and Kodiak just makes it even nicer


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