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Citrix Releases XenApp 5, Will It Prove To Become The Application Virtualization Standard?

Citrix today announced the release of Citrix XenApp 5, and claims it “breaks through performance and operating-cost barriers, making application start times up to 10 times faster, dramatically improving end-user experience and lowering application management costs by more than 25 percent over previous versions”.

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StoneFly IP SAN Configurations Now Fit For Citrix XenServer

StoneFly, a supplier of integrated IP storage area network (SAN) systems and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, today announced that all

Xen 3.3.0 Available For Download

A recent post on the Xen blog featured a proposed data sheet (PDF) for the (back then upcoming) Xen 3.3 release, which

0wning Xen … In More Detail

Over at her own blog, Joanna Rutkowska from Invisible Things has some updates on their findings about Xen security as we earlier

DataSheet Proposal for Xen 3.3 Hypervisor Published

Stephen Spector published a post yesterday on the Xen blog featuring a proposed data sheet (PDF) for the upcoming Xen 3.3 release, which we

IBM launches the open-ovf project

Scott Moser from IBM's Systems Technology Group has released the first version of the open-ovf project. OVF is a standard packaging format for

Should VMWare Watch Out For VirtualBox?

Or for a lot more? IT Wire has a good introductory article about VirtualBox. Sadly their introduction is a bit wrong in the details, as VirtualBox obviously

0wning Xen? posted some more details on their Xen Owning Trilogy session at last weeks Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Joanna Rutkowska and her crew gave

Oracle releases VM virtualization templates

At LinuxWorldExpo this week in San Francisco, Oracle Announced that it It is releasing a series of preconfigured templates for deploying software on its server virtualization

Virtualization Workloads, a comparative study in Open Source environments

At the Ottawa Linux Symposium, Benoit de Lingeris and his team from Revolution Linux presented their paper "Virtualization of Linux Server, a comparative

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