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Guest Post: “Fault tolerance a new key feature for virtualization”

Below is a an article originally published on the guest author’s blog. Who’s the author, you ask? Kevin Lawton! Bio: pioneer in x86 virtualization, serial entrepreneur, business and technology visionary, prolific idea creator, news and business book junkie.

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Parallels, HP, NVIDIA virtualize GPUs with Workstation Extreme

Parallels is launching "Parallels Workstation Extreme", a desktop workstation virtualization offering developed jointly with HP and NVIDIA. Workstation Extreme is aimed at graphic workstations such as those used

VKernel Releases Another Free Tool, SnapshotMyVM

VKernel has released another free tool, SnapshotMyVM, a utility that makes it extremely easy to quickly document and inventory all of your VMs.

SnapshotMyVM automates

AMD / Red Hat Pull Off A Live Migration of VMs Across Vendor Platforms

AMD, in collaboration with Red Hat, today demonstrated for the first time “live migration” of a virtual machine across vendor platforms. Live migration enables the

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