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AMD / Red Hat Pull Off A Live Migration of VMs Across Vendor Platforms

AMD, in collaboration with Red Hat, today demonstrated for the first time “live migration” of a virtual machine across vendor platforms. Live migration enables the movement of running virtual machines (VMs) from one physical server to another without disrupting service to the end user, something that, till now, has only been demonstrated across systems based on one vendor’s platforms.

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Update On ESX 3.5 Issue: A Letter from Paul Maritz


New VMware CEO Paul Maritz has issued an official statement about the major bug plaguing customers who had updated to ESX /


Major Bug Kills VMware Powered Virtual Servers

Today's a black day for VMware, and also (and maybe especially) VMware customers who upgraded their virtual servers with the new Infrastructure 3.5 Update

Sanbolic Bridges Hyper-V And Shared Storage Networks

Sanbolic today announced (PDF) that Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V virtual machines can now be stored on a single shared storage area

Microsoft Introduces Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool

Microsoft has announced the Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool which aims to help organizations maintain virtual machines that are stored offline in a Microsoft System Center


ProxMox, The Open Source Virtual Environment You Didn’t Know

Jason Perlow over at ZDNet Blogs today wrote an interesting article about ProxMox, a Vienna, Austria-based Open Source turnkey virtualization server provider we weren't aware of


Hyper9 Comes Out Of Stealth, Focuses On Letting You Find And Manage Virtual Machines

Hyper9, formerly known as InovaWave, provider of search-based software for virtual environment management, today announced its first product, carrying the same name as its parent company.

Looking Back At A Decade of Open Source Virtualization

Will 2008 become the "Virtual Year"? That's what some people would have us believe now that the virtualization hype is reaching never before seen heights, and large acquisitions &

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