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On the dangers of OVF

Usually I`m all in favour of Open Standards that are supported by different parties, and the Open Virtual Machine Format (OVF) pretty much matches these requirements. The last Virtualbox has support for it, Simon is telling about it being part …

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Sun Releases VirtualBox 2.2, Comes With OVF Support

Sun Microsystems today announced the availability of Sun VirtualBox 2.2, the latest release of its free and open source virtualization software. VirtualBox 2.2 introduces support for

Pano Logic Releases Remote, Upgrades Pano System 2.6

Pano Logic today announced the newest addition to their product line, Pano Remote, as well as a new version of their flagship product, Pano System 2.6. With

JumpBox Releases 38 Open Source Virtual Appliances In Open Virtualization Format (OVF)

JumpBox, publisher of virtual appliances which provide ways to trial, develop, and deploy applications, this week announced the release of 38 Open Source applications in the

Citrix’s Open Source “Project Kensho” Tech Preview Now Available Under LGPL

Citrix recently announced Project Kensho, which would deliver Open Virtual Machine Format (OVF) tools that allow independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprise

Green Kryptonite

vMAN Over At DMTF Is Immune To Kryptonite And Now Powered by OVF Version 1.0

Like superheroes with a weak spot (remember Superman and green Kryptonite), large providers of green data center technologies and virtualization software had an Achilles' heel

Release: VMware Studio 1.0

VMware has (quitely) released the first version of VMware Studio.

VMware Studio 1.0 enables software developers and hardware appliance vendors to build customized virtual appliances that

DTMF Accepts Draft Specification for Open Virtual Machine Format (OVF)

The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) today announced the acceptance of a draft specification submitted by leading virtualization companies (VMware, Oracle and CA

IBM launches the open-ovf project

Scott Moser from IBM's Systems Technology Group has released the first version of the open-ovf project. OVF is a standard packaging format for

Citrix Aims To Make Creation of Hypervisor-Independent Application Workloads Easier with Project Kensho

Citrix today announced Project Kensho, which will deliver Open Virtual Machine Format (OVF) tools that allow independent software vendors (ISVs) and

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