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The SCO Group Offers Free 1-Year Subscription on New Virtualized Version

The SCO Group today announced that it is offering a free one-year subscription with the purchase of its new OpenServer 5.0.7V virtualized version of the popular UNIX operating system.

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OpenOSX Releases WinTel 3.0, Speeds Up Virtualization Performance

OpenOSX Thursday announced WinTel version 3.0, the company's Windows, Linux and other OS virtualization solution for Mac OS X. WinTel is an application that allows host operating

VirtualLogix VLX Now Supports Symbian OS

VirtualLogix today announced that its virtualization software product, VirtualLogix VLX, is the first to support Symbian OS, the

Clavister Releases Secure OS CorePlus 9.10, Adds Virtualization Support

IP-based security and unified threat management (UTM) specialist Clavister has recently launched the latest version of its network security operating system. Clavister CorePlus 9.10 delivers support for

Ubuntu Releases “Hardy Heron”, OS Version 8.04 In Beta

After four Alpha releases, Ubuntu has now released version 8.04 of the popular Operating System, code-named "Hardy Heron", in beta. Apart from the boat load of

Looking Back At A Decade of Open Source Virtualization

Will 2008 become the "Virtual Year"? That's what some people would have us believe now that the virtualization hype is reaching never before seen heights, and large acquisitions &

Preinstalled Hypervisors And The Future of Operating Systems

Jay Lyman from The 451 Group (also check out the interview we did with John Abbott, Chief Analyst & Research Director at The 451

A Look At Cloudo, Another Attempt To Popularize The WebOS

Recently, a new web-based operating systems (WebOS) launched its private beta suite in another attempt to bring the desktop to the browser. Its name is

Next Microsoft Virtual Server slips to 2007

Microsoft has delayed an update for Microsoft Virtual Server until early 2007.

Reported by Stephen Shankland at Cnet News.Com in an interview with James Ni, group product manager for

Microsoft Longhorn Datacenter Server will have no virtualization licensing costs

Today virtualization is expensive for licensing. Microsoft asks people to license every OS installed on virtual machines, even if powered off. But something is changing. Since the release of

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