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OK Labs Launches Mobile Virtualization Integration Practice (VIP)

Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) today announced that the company has launched the industry’s first mobile Virtualization Integration Practice (VIP).

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Hyper9 Releases Andrew Kutz’ Virtualization Mobile Manager

Hyper9 released yesterday a browser-based management and monitoring tool that allows Virtualization administrators to control their virtual infrastructures from a mobile device. The Virtualization Mobile Manager (VMM), which

VirtualLogix To Unveil Virtualized Android Phone Solution

VirtualLogix today announced the availability of the Android mobile phone environment on a range of 2G/3G cellular system solutions from ST-Ericsson, on a Linux single processor

VirtualLogix Promises First Virtualization Phone At Mobile World Congress

VirtualLogix has just sent out an e-mail proclaiming that they're about to launch the world's first virtualized phone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:


VMware Takes Virtualization To Mobile Phones

VMware today announced plans to bring virtualization to mobile phones through the new VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP), reports The New York Times and plenty of

VirtualLogix VLX Now Supports Symbian OS

VirtualLogix today announced that its virtualization software product, VirtualLogix VLX, is the first to support Symbian OS, the

Celio REDFLY Mobile Companion Aims to ‘Revolutionize’ Mobile Virtualization

Celio's REDFLY Mobile Companion provides a larger screen and keyboard enabling workers to expand their smartphones into fully functioning mobile terminals, and the company

TRANGO Virtual Processors Embeds Hypervisor In Texas Instruments’ OMAP3430 Processor


TRANGO Virtual Processors, provider of embedded virtualization IP, delivers greater isolation and portability of operating systems and drivers on the Texas Instruments

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Motorola Joins Investors Behind VirtualLogix (Update)

According to PC World, Motorola has joined Cisco, Intel and Texas Instruments in funding mobile virtualization company VirtualLogix (see our previous coverage). Update: the

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