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Ulteo Releases Ulteo Virtual Desktop Beta, Wants To Get Linux Applications on Windows Desktops

Ulteo has just announced the beta version of their “Ulteo Virtual Desktop”, which allows you to use a large variety of Linux applications on the Windows operating system, and all features that are already available with the Ulteo Application System.

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Novell CTO Jeff Jaffe Outlines Strategic Roadmap (Including Virtualization)

Novell CTO Jeff Jaffe published a blog post earlier today outlining the company's roadmap in seven areas: policy, identity, virtualization, Linux, orchestration, compliance and collaboration.

Linux Kernel 2.6.25 Released, KVM x86 Emulator Updated

Linus Torvalds has released the latest version of the "stable" Linux kernel, version 2.6.25, which includes changes to Wi-Fi support, virtualization, real-time scheduling and file systems. The


The Present And Future of Xen

Over the past few months, a number of people have been vouching the idea that Xen's development and adoption is slowing down because of the Citrix'

Ubuntu Releases “Hardy Heron”, OS Version 8.04 In Beta

After four Alpha releases, Ubuntu has now released version 8.04 of the popular Operating System, code-named "Hardy Heron", in beta. Apart from the boat load of

Looking Back At A Decade of Open Source Virtualization

Will 2008 become the "Virtual Year"? That's what some people would have us believe now that the virtualization hype is reaching never before seen heights, and large acquisitions &

Video: Interview with Matt Rechenburg, Project Manager at OpenQRM on Virtualization

This interview is part of our Virtualization Video Series, a recurring theme we want to implement on featuring interviews with key players from the industry, event reports,

Kace Integrates Virtual Systems Management Tool Kbox Into VMWare Infrastructure

Kace announced today what it calls the first virtual systems management appliances to run natively within the VMware infrastructure. Kace's

Jonathan Schwartz Boasts About Sun xVM

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, wrote a blog post based on the recent Sun quarter financial announcements. From the post:

"Topping the list was the interest in

Novell CTO Jeff Jaffe Outlines Technical Strategy for 2008

Jeff Jaffe , Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer for Novell, published a blog post 2 days ago outlining the company's technical strategy for

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