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Floss Virtualization Doesn’t Care About Marketing …

It cares about Quality and Frequent code releases. The Open Source community doesn’t wait till the week before VMWorld to announe big news, they just code along happily and when the coding is done.. they release their software. And there …

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Oracle To Buy Virtual Iron?

The rumour is spreading , but so far no official feedback from Oracle. Local Techwire reports that there are talks between Oracle and Virtual Iron ongoing and that

Karma Koala

With all the fuzz around Cannes.. oh wait .. nothing happened there.. that was the most boring event ever wasn't it ... we forgot to focus on where

Red Hat announced Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor

Today RedHat sent out 2 press releases obviously in an attempt to get Virtual visibility during VMWorld. Europe, The biggest news in those 2 press releases is

RedHat Moves Closer To Microsoft

Earlier this week Red Hat and Microsoft announced they were going to work closer together , mainly to ensure Virtualization Interoperability. Both RedHat and Microsoft will join the

CohesiveFT Adds KVM Format To Its Automated Elastic Server Platform

CohesiveFT today announced support to automate the deployment of Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) servers via the Elastic Server web-based factory. Elastic Server is an automated “factory” that

Open Source Virtualization Updates

There is a lot going on in the different Open Source Virtualization projects. From KVM, over OpenVZ , to Xen. First of all there is the news

Virtuize Partners With RedHat

Virtuize, Inc announced yesterday that it has partnered with Redhat, Inc to deliver Redhat’s Virtualization services to its customers. This expands Virtuize, Inc’s Open Source Virtualization portfolio. Virtuize

The End of Neverland, What Neverland ?

Stop the presses, RedHat and AMD just announced the end of Neverland. The big News seems to be that RedHat and AMD managed to do

The Future of Xen At Red Hat

As you might know, most of the development for the upcoming Red Hat releases is happening in the Fedora project, so if you want to keep an

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