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Rackspace Private Cloud Leverages VMware For Enterprise Computing Offering

Rackspace Hosting, has announced its new Private Cloud offering, which allows customers to run the centrally managed VMware virtualisation platform on private dedicated hardware environments.

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VISI Launches Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) Product Based On VMware Infrastructure 3

VISI, Minnesota's largest cloud computing, data center services and managed hosting provider, is proud to announce the launch of its new Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) product based

ServInt Adds Virtualization To Dedicated Server Line-Up

ServInt today introduced its new line of Dedicated Server solutions that incorporate a virtualization layer. The virtualization layer enables easier off-server backup. It also enables better scalability by

Release: DotNetPanel 2.8.1 And A Hyper-V Hosting Control Panel Module

DotNetPanel announced earlier this week the release of DotNetPanel 2.8.1 and the new Hyper-V module for creating, managing, and selling VPS accounts. Nearly two months in beta,

Rackspace Acquires Cloud Providers Slicehost And Jungle Disk

Rackspace Hosting today announced it has acquired privately owned VPS provider Slicehost, and storage provider Jungle Disk. (hat tip to TechCrunch) The purchase price of

Layered Technologies Secures $ 11 Million in Private Investment

Layered Technologies has secured $11 million in funding from private equity firm Enhanced Equity Fund and its founding investor Pangloss International. The new cash will provide

PINS Virtualizes Its Data Center With Q-layer and VMWare ESX Server

PINS, a Dutch hosting and managed services provider, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Q-layer, enabling the hosting provider to launch a

Parallels And AXIGEN Launch Strategic Partnership

AXIGEN, a Romanian mail server vendor, and Parallels (former SWSoft), virtualization and automation software provider, yesterday announced the launch of a strategic technological partnership in which

EMC & SAP Heading Into Cloud Computing Together?

According to Reuters, EMC and SAP are about to team up to deliver computer programs over the web. The news company cites a senior executive

ViUX Automates Hosting With Parallels / SWSoft

Server virtualization firm, Parallels/SWsoft, has partnered with software-as-a-service and technology solutions firm, ViUX Systems, to provide a complete hosting automation system for all

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