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Eucalyptus Set To Launch With $5.5 Million In Series A Funding

Eucalyptus Systems, creators of an open source private cloud platform, today announced that it has closed a $5.5 million Series A round of venture financing led by Benchmark Capital with BV Capital also participating.

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Karma Koala

With all the fuzz around Cannes.. oh wait .. nothing happened there.. that was the most boring event ever wasn't it ... we forgot to focus on where

openQRM 4.2 Released, Includes Cloud Sauce

Matt just let us know that he released openQRM 4.2 into the wild. This new opensource openQRM release includes VMware ESX and Citrix XenServer support, a

RightScale Supports The Smell Of Saunas

Today RightScale Inc. announced they will team up with the Eucalyptus team have their platform available with Eucalyptus so they can deliver an Easy to Mange Open


ELASTRA Adds Support for Eucalyptus Platform

ELASTRA, which recently raised $12 million from Amazon and other investors, today announced Elastra Cloud Server support for the Eucalyptus platform. ELASTRA’s products are

Workspace Service Morphs Into Nimbus 2.0

Grid is dead, and reinventing itself as Cloud. All kidding aside, the idea of providing a virtual machine instance as a service in the Grid

Rich Wolski on Eucalyptus: Open Source Cloud Computing (Video Interview – 2/2)

Rich Wolski on Eucalyptus: Open Source Cloud Computing (Video Interview – 1/2)

A month ago we reported on how you can build your own open source cloud on clusters to make your personal cloud dreams come true! 


Build Your Own Cloud!

Given enough hardware, you can now build your own Amazon Elastic Cloud or similar platform. And all in Open Source. A group of developers from the Department

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