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Layer 7 Release SecureSpan Virtual Appliance For Cloud Governance

Layer 7 Technologies today announced the availability of the Layer 7 SecureSpan Virtual Appliance for cloud governance.

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BlueBackUp Goes Virtual With Backup Product For ESX Environments

BlueBackUp, a subsidiary of Oodrive Technologies, is enriching its focus on big company needs by offering an outsourced backup solution for virtual VMware ESX environments. Thanks to its

Green Kryptonite

vMAN Over At DMTF Is Immune To Kryptonite And Now Powered by OVF Version 1.0

Like superheroes with a weak spot (remember Superman and green Kryptonite), large providers of green data center technologies and virtualization software had an Achilles' heel

VMware ESX First Hypervisor to Receive Microsoft SVVP Validation

VMware today announced it has qualified its VMware ESX hypervisor under the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP), shortly after

VMware Releases Infrastructure 3.5 Update 2, ESX and VirtualCenter Get Upgrades, ESXi Now 100% Free

VMware has released Update 2 for Infrastructure 3.5, listing a whole set of updates and features. At the same time, the company has

Exclusive Video: VMware In A Nutshell, By Product Marketing Manager John Gilmartin

So what's VMware all about now on a technology level, now that their stock went tumbling and their CEO has been replaced? John Gilmartin, Group Manager,

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VMware Seals New Partnerships with Original Design Manufacturers

At Computex Taipei 2008, VMware announced new relationships with original design manufacturers (ODMs) ASUS, Gigabyte, Inventec and Tyan, adding to VMware’s current relationship with Supermicro

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