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Floss Virtualization Doesn’t Care About Marketing …

It cares about Quality and Frequent code releases. The Open Source community doesn’t wait till the week before VMWorld to announe big news, they just code along happily and when the coding is done.. they release their software. And there …

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Enomaly Releases New Enomalism Core

Reuven announced the availability of Enomaly ECP 2.1.1 on SourceForge. Enomaly 2.1.1 is a bug fix and security release, so don't

Enomaly Unveils Elastic Computing Platform After Years of R&D

Enomaly today announced Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform (ECP), after having released an Alpha version in March of this year. ECP is an open source, programmable,

Enomalism 2.0 Available For Download, Beta Testers Wanted

Enomaly just announced the Alpha release of the Enomalism Elastic Computing Platform. The Enomalism v2.0 Alpha is said to have been completely redeveloped from the

Enomalism Beta-Released Management Console for Xen

Virtualized Management Console (VMC)

Enomaly, a Canadian innovator in virtualization solutions, announced the Beta deployment of Enomalism Virtualized Management Console , a pre-packaged virtualization infrastructure solution based on Xen

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