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Video: Cloudfellas

We may think the cloud is being hyped a bit too much, but we sure had fun watching this video from EMC.

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There We Go Again: EMC Shares Rise On Acquisition Rumors

This is one rumor that just keeps coming back: Reuters is reporting that EMC shares rose as much as 6.3 percent yesterday on

EMC Reports Strong Q2 Results, Might Spin Off VMware Anyway

So VMware performed below expectations, but how did parent company EMC do the past quarter? Not too shabby, actually. In its Q2 Earnings

Diane Greene’s Departure from VMware: The Week After

It's been exactly a week since word got out that VMware co-founder and acting CEO Diane Greene was leaving the company to be replaced with

Gene Fay Leaves EMC, Joins VKernel As Top Sales Guy

After Diane Greene leaving VMware, in comes the story of Gene Fay joining VKernel (check our earlier coverage) as Vice President of Sales. Fay was

EMC Shares Up On VMware Spin-out Rumors

Update: you might want to read this article about VMware co-founder Diane Greene leaving VMware before you read this post. Come back, though ;) Financial analyst Thomas Curlin of

VMware Site Recovery Manager

VMware Site Recovery Manager 1.0 Released

VMware has announced its new tool for disaster recovery management and automation of a virtual infrastructure, VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 1.0 (build 97878). VMware SRM 1.0

Daoli Project

EMC Joins Daoli Trusted Infrastructure Research Project

EMC has joined the Daoli Trusted Infrastructure Project which conducts research into "trust and assurance" in cloud computing environments. EMC joins a growing global research team

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse Enters Virtual Infrastructure Management Software Market With DynamicOps

Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse Group launched a new spin-out today, aimed at taking an internally developed virtualization management platform to a commercial market.


Cisco And EMC To Merge?

We love rumors. This time, it's not about EMC selling off its majority stake in VMware to say, Intel. President and chief editor of TMC, Rich

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