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AbiCloud from Abiquo

Last month Abiquo announced the release of their “abiCloud”, an open source cloud computing platform for allowing companies to create and manage large, complex IT infrastructures (virtual servers, networks, applications, storage…) in a quick, simple and scalable way. We had …

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CohesiveFT Releases VPN-Cubed for EC2

CohesiveFT today announced the release of VPN-Cubed for EC2, a specially packaged version of the company's customer-controlled cloud security offering for Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

InformationWeek’s Chief of the Year for 2008: Werner Vogels (Amazon CTO)

Amazon's 50-year-old CTO Werner Vogels has emerged as the right person at the right time and place to guide cloud computing - until now, an emerging technology

Amazon EC2 Now With Beta Support for Windows

Beta level support for Microsoft Windows is now available on Amazon EC2, in the form of 32 and 64 bit AMIs, with pricing starting at $0.125 per

Rackspace Acquires Cloud Providers Slicehost And Jungle Disk

Rackspace Hosting today announced it has acquired privately owned VPS provider Slicehost, and storage provider Jungle Disk. (hat tip to TechCrunch) The purchase price of

rPath Takes rBuilder Technology to Amazon EC2

rPath today announced the beta launch of its rBuilder Appliance Creator and rBuilder Catalog features for the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2). When coupled with


CohesiveFT Adds Elastic Server Support for Amazon EC2

Tomorrow, CohesiveFT, makers of the Elastic Server platform, will announce support for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) large, extra-large


Hyperic CloudStatus Now Monitors Google App Engine

We've covered Hyperic before, most recently when they added monitoring for Citrix XenServer environments to their Hyperic HQ service. The company


ELASTRA Adds Support for Eucalyptus Platform

ELASTRA, which recently raised $12 million from Amazon and other investors, today announced Elastra Cloud Server support for the Eucalyptus platform. ELASTRA’s products are


Elastra Raises $12 Million from Amazon for Cloud Management

Elastra, a startup focused on providing solutions for internet cloud configuration and management, secured $12 million in Series B financing in its second venture round, which

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