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Can We Stop Hyping The Cloud Yet ?

The past six to nine months we’ve seen the rapid invasion of the Cloud, Cloud Computing or a variant including Cloud. We’ve had different Barcamp style Cloudcamps, there are bloggers rebranding their virtualization blog to a cloudblog and there are …

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Amazon EC2 Now With Beta Support for Windows

Beta level support for Microsoft Windows is now available on Amazon EC2, in the form of 32 and 64 bit AMIs, with pricing starting at $0.125 per


CohesiveFT Adds Elastic Server Support for Amazon EC2

Tomorrow, CohesiveFT, makers of the Elastic Server platform, will announce support for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) large, extra-large


Hyperic CloudStatus Now Monitors Google App Engine

We've covered Hyperic before, most recently when they added monitoring for Citrix XenServer environments to their Hyperic HQ service. The company


ELASTRA Adds Support for Eucalyptus Platform

ELASTRA, which recently raised $12 million from Amazon and other investors, today announced Elastra Cloud Server support for the Eucalyptus platform. ELASTRA’s products are

Rich Wolski on Eucalyptus: Open Source Cloud Computing (Video Interview – 2/2)

Rich Wolski on Eucalyptus: Open Source Cloud Computing (Video Interview – 1/2)

A month ago we reported on how you can build your own open source cloud on clusters to make your personal cloud dreams come true! 


Hyperic Launches CloudStatus, Cloud Management Software Deluxe

In an impressive effort to make the cloud more transparent, open source cloud management software vendor Hyperic has launched, a web service (in beta) that


Build Your Own Cloud!

Given enough hardware, you can now build your own Amazon Elastic Cloud or similar platform. And all in Open Source. A group of developers from the Department

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