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Virtual Machines in a Browser ?

Yes we can … When us┬ámere mortals want to learn about a new computer language, or a new platform, we start out with the “Hello World”-variant and then try to dig in deeper… Some people however when they want to …

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Virtualbox 3.1 Beginner’s Guide

Packt asked us a couple of months ago if they could send us their VirtualBox 3.1 Beginner's Guide for reviewing. It took me a while to actually

Eucalyptus Announces Support For Windows

Eucalyptus just announced the launch of Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition 2.0 which adds New Features to Create and Manage Private and Hybrid Clouds in Enterprise Environments Eucalyptus, a new Open Source Cloud management platform..

With a domain like you are doomed to deliver something Virtualization related, And today that plan became visible for the rest of the world, the company

Does Shift happen ?

Last week's announcement of RHEL 6 Beta not including Xen anymore probably is the start of a new era in open source virtualization. While the signs

Marten Mickos, ex MySQL CEO, joins Eucalyptus as CEO

Eucalyptus Systems, Inc., creators of the leading open source private cloud software Eucalyptus , let us know that Marten Mickos joined the company as chief executive officer. Marten

Abicloud announced 1.0.0, funding, and a new CEO for Abiquo

Abiquo , the Open Source Cloud company from Barcelona, has been busy the last couple of weeks. Last week they announced two important milestones in their existence. First

XN Suite

Back in the early days Monitoring your Xen platforms was pretty simple xm top was pretty much all there was available. The folks over at


Estonia's latest Virtualization product is called OpenNode OpenNode is a CentOS based opensource server virtualization solution , providing the users an easy method to do bare-metal installations supporting

Oracle VM Manager , the book Review

Late 2009 the nice folks over at Packt Publishing sent me the book on Oracle VM Manager by Tarry Singh. Some people say that a technology

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