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Virtualization Security Startup HyTrust Launches With $5.5 Million In Series A Funding

HyTrust is entering the virtualization arena today with HyTrust Appliance, which serves as a central point of control, management and visibility for virtualized environments.

Video: Interview Simon Crosby, CTO of XenSource – Citrix (VMworld 2008) part 2/2

In this second part of our video interview recorded at VMworld2008, the Citrix XenSource CTO denies that there is more than a ‘faboulous partnership’ between Microsoft and Citrix. In his typical outspoken style, Simon Crosby does not see his competitor VMware take of into the clouds with vaporware. He remains an advocate for open standards and finished by shining his light on Virtualization Security issues (aka VirtSec by the insiders).

Guest Post: Clouds, Networks and Recessions

This is a cross-post of a blog article written by Gregory Ness, former VP of Marketing for Blue Lane Technologies who is currently working for InfoBlox.

VMware Buys Blue Lane (Updated)

VMware has agreed to acquire Blue Lane Technologies, which provides solutions that secure virtual and physical data centers.

Embotics Releases White Paper on Virtualization Security

Embotics today announced “Understanding VirtSec,” a new study that focuses on virtual server security issues inherent in IT environments.

0wning Xen? posted some more details on their Xen Owning Trilogy session at last weeks Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Joanna Rutkowska and her crew gave a series of 3 talks discussing different potential security issues with Xen. With the …

Video Interview: Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon on Virtualization and the VC Threat

At the GigaOM Structure08 conference in San Francisco, we had the opportunity to question Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels on his virtualization experience, while building the Amazon cloud. He confirmed Amazon Web Services are still powered by Xen hypervisors.

A Round Table on Virtualization Security with Industry Experts

A conference call about virtualization security (virtsec) with Joe Pendry (Director of Marketing at StackSafe), Kris Buytaert (Principle at Consultant Inuits), Tarry Singh (Industry/Market Analyst Founder & CEO of Avastu), Andreas Antonopoulos (SVP & Founding Partner at Nemertes Research),Allwyn Sequeira (SVP & CTO at Blue Lane), Michael Berman (CTO at Catbird), Chris Hoff (Chief Security Architect – Systems & Technology Division and Blogger at Unisys) and Hezi Moore (President, Founder & CTO at Reflex Security).

A Conversation About Virtualization Security, The Quotes

Last week, an interesting conference call took place with several industry leaders in the virtualization security (virtsec) area, initiated by Here are some of the most interesting quotes from that conversation.

Who Owns Virtualization Security? The Hoff/Crosby Debate

We’ve decided to cross-publish a blog post by Gregory Ness, VP of Marketing for Blue Lane Technologies, because we think it delivers a good insight in the whole Hoff/Crosby debate about virtualization security (virtsec, if you will).

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