NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup: Super Fast Physical To Virtual Server Migration


Syncsort, a provider of data integration acceleration and data protection software solutions, today announced enhancements to the NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup solution that deliver productivity gains and cost savings to customers through 10-minute physical to virtual (P2V) server migration.

NSB leverages snapshot technology to provide rapid return to production for applications during P2V migrations. It converts Windows or Linux-based physical server backups into VMware virtual machines through a simple, automated process that creates the virtual machine with ease.

The solution uses NetApp-based snapshots to start the virtual machines, a process that can take as little as 10 minutes with some variation based on system resources. The full data set from the physical server is then copied to a newly created virtual machine.

When backup copying is complete, VMware Storage vMotion is used to switch the application from the snapshot to the newly created virtual machine, typically with zero system downtime during the process. This results in a full P2V server migration that significantly reduces downtime when compared to traditional migration processes.

NSB also ensures proper data alignment for the disks of the new virtual machine automatically as part of the 10-minute P2V migration process. This eliminates a common concern for customers when migrating applications, and helps them avoid significant virtual machine performance degradation and the lengthy downtime often needed to correct data alignment issues.

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