Catbird, HyTrust Partner For End-to-End Protection and Compliance for Virtual Infrastructure

Catbird, and HyTrust have announced integration of the HyTrust Appliance with Catbird’s vSecurity.

HyTrust provides control and compliance for host machines by analyzing, authorizing and creating an audit trail for all virtualization administration operations and enforcing correct host configuration; while Catbird proactively secures the virtual network and guest operating systems by analyzing and responding to network events and attack, and enforcing correct VM configuration.

Together, the integrated solution delivers end-to-end security protection and control for all aspects of the virtualized data center—especially critical for organizations in the public sector and regulated commercial industries.

The combined solution provides centralized access control; network monitoring; granular object-based policy management; hypervisor security configuration; zones of trust and firewalling; IPS/IDS and log aggregation in a comprehensive package that enables total visibility and control for virtual machines and hypervisors.

Incorporating HyTrust data into Catbird’s framework provides broad IT documentation and reporting features on the compliance posture of the virtualized data center. Accessible from a single dashboard interface, the aggregated information provides access to more controls than any other solution on the market. This seamless visibility simplifies auditing and reporting processes for regulators and security directors charged with monitoring compliance changes in the migration from physical to virtualized networks.

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