Release: VMLogix LabManager Cloud Edition

VMLogix today announced the general availability of  VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition.

The new product enables software teams to run virtual labs within the gold-standard for public cloud computing, the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), and is the only offering on the market to offer an enterprise-class virtual lab solution with a utility-like pay-as-you-go model. The flexibility of this cost model is ideal for use cases where demand patterns are most variable like software development, testing, training, demonstrations and support. Additionally, VMLogix will offer a free license for LabManager – Cloud Edition beginning September 1. This offer and evaluation license will expire December 1, 2009.

VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition delivers a dynamic, scalable and elastic virtual lab enabling software teams to improve software quality and time to market. The solution works in the Amazon EC2 cloud environment and supports both Windows and Linux guest images as well as ISV-specific Amazon Machine Images (AMI). LabManager – Cloud Edition brings enhanced levels of integration and automation during the Amazon instance deployment including the ability to seamlessly handle the end user access to the guest console from within the browser.

VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition enables:

  • The creation and management of multi-machine configurations: enabling the combination of multiple AMIs into a single environment and providing capabilities to entirely automate the deployment and re-deployment of multi-machine environments (including software stack customizations) in a policy-governed self-service fashion;
  • Full virtual lab tool capabilities: tapping into powerful enterprise lab management capabilities including license, lease and user/team management as well as enabling users/teams to share and collaborate with lab artefacts, audit trails and access to a centralized repository of software media;
  • On-demand access to virtual lab resources: allowing for immediate access to computing infrastructure resources over the web from any location; and,
  • Pay-for-what-you-use pricing model: leveraging the elasticity of the cloud allows customers to reduce up front capital expenditures by instantly scaling up or scaling down the lab infrastructure when required, and only paying for what is used.

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