Release: xkoto GRIDSCALE 5.1

Xkoto today announced it is previewing the new release of GRIDSCALE 5.1, the latest edition of itsactive/active solution for mission-critical databases. General availability of the product is expected in Q3, 2009.

Currently in beta testing, GRIDSCALE 5.1 adds several features that improve the performance and compatibility of the industry’s first shared-nothing solution for commercial databases. Two key GRIDSCALE features in this release are native Microsoft SQL Server support and a new Cluster Lock Manager.

GRIDSCALE 5.1 features a new “driverless” configuration mode for SQL Server environments, eliminating the need to reconfigure database drivers. Implementing Microsoft SQL Server’s native communication protocol, GRIDSCALE delivers several benefits, including compatibility with most native SQL clients such as ADO, .NET, OLE DB, and others. Plus, IT professionals can now use GRIDSCALE to simultaneously manage multiple SQL Servers using existing, popular tools such as SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

GRIDSCALE’s patent-pending Cluster Lock Manager is an industry first, enabling reliable scaling of transaction-intensive workloads across independent database servers. Traditionally, relational databases have relied on distributed lock management solutions to coordinate transaction locking across disparate database servers.

These approaches have significant drawbacks, such as risk of a single point of failure, poor performance due to synchronous behavior, and significant management overhead. GRIDSCALE’s new Cluster Lock Manager operates completely transparent to an application to isolate and coordinate row-level transactions across database servers. As a result, applications can scale reliably across the pool of database servers managed by GRIDSCALE.

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