Phoenix Advances The HyperSpace Experience to Include Instant-on Access to

Phoenix Technologies today announced that customers will now have instant access to, the popular Adobe online photo-editing and sharing destination, along with Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader, on the HyperSpace platform. Phoenix HyperSpace is an instant-on, always-connected, all-day computing environment for netbooks, smartbooks and laptops that simplifies and improves the mobile experience by enabling users to instantly launch applications that can run independently of Windows.

With HyperSpace, users can begin searching the Web, sending and receiving email, using other Web-based applications and working in important productivity applications within seconds of turning on their computer. With the addition of to the HyperSpace computing environment, users can now access their photos at any time and organize, edit, store and share them in a more secure computing environment. HyperSpace also automatically connects your mobile computer to the best available network, while achieving new levels of uptime and security.

The HyperSpace platform provides a unique computing environment that PC designers, software developers and content providers can utilize to create always-available, instant-on applications that bring new convenience, connectivity, uptime and security to users. PC users will have access to a host of instant-on applications and content including multimedia applications, communications, Web 2.0 browsing, and more. Users will also enjoy the benefits of up to two hours of extra battery life on their HyperSpace-enabled laptops.

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