Diskeeper Debuts V-locity, A Virtual Platform Performance Optimizer

Diskeeper Corporation has officially shipped V-locity, a new virtual platform performance optimizer designed to maximize server speeds on Microsoft’s Hyper-V.

Already a VMware and Microsoft partner for its Diskeeper product line, the upward move to develop V-locity was made to create a virtual-specific product that not only performs defragmentation functions, but also synchronizes the complex and ongoing activity between host and multiple guest operating systems.

V-locity also frees up vital storage resources by eliminating VHD “bloat”. This is the wasted disk space that takes place when virtual disks are set to dynamically grow but don’t then shrink when users or applications remove data. V-locity actually compacts the VHD, thereby preventing waste and allowing IT Managers to better allocate their virtual storage resources.

Diskeeper was the first ever defragmenter certified for Hyper-V, garnering notable praise from Microsoft* citing that “After independent testing, we found that Diskeeper’s automatic defragmenter not only exploits Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V capabilities but also is designed to meet mission-critical expectations in a virtualized environment.” Now V-locity has taken that technology to an all new level, bringing the first ever virtual platform performance optimizer to the enterprise.

V-locity consists of two components:

  • V-locity Host installed on Windows Server 2008 running Hyper-V
  • V-locity Guest installed on Windows virtual machines

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  1. Ruchi says:

    The virtual machines tend to compete with one other as they share resources on a virtual platform. V-locity employs Diskeeper’s InvisiTasking processing technology to ensure that there are no resource conflicts. The company is confident that V-locity will provide ‘seamless real-time benefits’.

    Visit http://www.diskeeper.com

  2. Fact: Virtualization cannot achieve its true effectiveness without V-locity.
    “The new V-locity technology is an outstanding feature that again puts Diskeeper ahead of any competition. This technology gives Microsoft’s VM server the ultimate edge over any other virtualization technology.” – Tom Boser, President, Olim
    The promise and the problem
    Corporate economic demands for greater consolidation and agility have given rise to virtual environment technology. The promise is greater simplicity and efficiency but the reality is that fragmentation exists at both the host and guest level – fragmentation on top of fragmentation. The result is rapidly increased “unnecessary” I/O traffic.

    Worse, virtual machines have limited knowledge of hardware resource usage and cannot effectively prioritize I/O. Defrag attempts will cut across production resources.

    Additionally, virtual disks that are set to dynamically grow don’t shrink when users or applications remove data, bloating space and wasting what could be allocated to other virtual systems.

    V-locity: making virtualization an efficient reality
    Diskeeper Corporation has created a vital component previously missing from virtualized environment productivity. V-locity with InvisiTasking® installs on both the Windows Server® 2008 OS that is running the virtual host and all Windows® virtual machines (guests). Each component optimizes its respective Windows OS and performs defragmentation of files and consolidation of free space. This minimizes unnecessary I/O passed from the OS to the disk subsystem and aligns data on the drives for optimal access.

    With the proprietary InvisiTasking, V-locity will automatically and invisibly defragment files and consolidate free space on every Windows system it is installed, eliminating unnecessary and excess I/O to restore system performance and reliability for the entire platform. At the same time, V-locity provides a tool to analyze and compact wasted virtual disk space.

    For additional information, contact V-locity@diskeeper.com.


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