AMD demonstrates live migration across three generations of CPUs

AMD today released video and images of Live Migration (VMotion) across three generations of processors. Thanks to AMD-V Extended Migration instructions in the latest generations of CPUs, combined with VMware’s Enhanced VMotion Compatibility feature (released with ESX 3.5 Update 2 last summer) AMD is able to migrate machines running on 65-nm hardware from yesteryear to the latest six-core Opteron “Istanbul” line of processors, yet to be released. VMotion/live migration compatibility is a key in creating future-proof computing clusters running VMware or other virtualization software.

Check out the YouTube video:

AMD Istanbul live migration demo

Intel provides the same functionality under the moniker “FlexMigration”, that allows VMotion to the latest Nehalem CPUs from Xeon 5200 (“Wolfdale/Penryn”) and newer.

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  1. Julie says:

    There is more information about live migration, including heterogenous live migration, on AMD’s Virtualization blog:


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