Catbird Debuts VMShield 2.0 With V-Tracker

Catbird today announced the immediate availability of VMShield 2.0 with V-Tracker.

VMShield 2.0 leapfrogs legacy virtual firewall technology to enforce compliance and policy of both network and VM state, regardless of location or movement of VMs. With V-Tracker, VMShield 2.0 combines proven virtual machine tracking capabilities with in-depth monitoring of suspect activity on the network itself; preserves policies across hosts, clusters and vendor platforms; and automatically blocks out-of-policy or compromised VMs from breaching data center security.

VMShield 2.0 with V-Tracker is the latest innovation in Catbird’s comprehensive line of cross-platform, non-invasive security solutions for virtual and physical networks. Catbird’s encyclopedic Virtual Infrastructure Security Engine (VISE) correlates hundreds of machine attributes with access control, network segmentation, vulnerability and IDP security events for both virtual and physical machines, across multiple clusters and data centers, to deliver broad asset awareness and defense-in-depth.

Moreover, VMShield’s internal or external cloud-based platform with stateless monitoring enables unprecedented visibility and control to track virtual machines across clusters and detect and thwart potential security and policy violations before they escalate to a breach.

Catbird V-Tracker uniquely fingerprints each VM it tracks, even through virtual machine mobility. In combination with Catbird’s ground-breaking TrustZones policy enforcer, these machines stay monitored and protected via the Catbird Control Center, validating and enforcing policies for all VMs within a given TrustZone. Catbird’s automated quarantine mechanism instantly shuts down non-compliant virtual machines. The architecture is designed with maximum flexibility and portability to allow for cross-host and cross-platform coverage and ease of use.

VMShield 2.0 delivers a highly-correlated approach to virtualization security, a key capability for TrustZone enforcement and data protection. At its heart is the Catbird VISE, enabling intelligence and protection not possible with simple virtual firewall technology and which goes well beyond simple segmentation and ACLs.

VMShield 2.0 with V-Tracker utilizes hypervisor APIs to be VM aware and is also designed for compatibility with Citrix Xenserver and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Unlike conventional host-based solutions, stateful appliances and proprietary hardware solutions, VMShield 2.0 leverages Catbird’s fully SOA and cloud-based stateless architecture and is 100% plug-and-play, web-enabled, and architected to have minimal impact on the virtual environment itself. VMShield 2.0 is available as part of Catbird’s flagship V-Security 2.0. The company is a VMSafe partner.

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