Prison Inmate Sues Intel, Steve Jobs For $5 Billion, Claims Theft Of Virtualization Technology IP

Some guy called Matthew Robert Young has filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Oregon against Intel Corporation and Steve Jobs personally. His filing (court papers – PDF) demands a jury trial and requests an “extrodinary hearing”. How extrodinary? Very extrodinary.

Young is currently a “State prisoner confined in the Oregon Department of Corrections, Snake River Correctional Institution.” He has brought this civil action suit to court claiming he told Jobs about virtualization technology, and when Jobs passed on the technology he told Intel about it.

In 2003, Young wanted Jobs to help him develop and market his intellectual property and patentable invention, or to buy it from him for $250 million. Young claims Jobs never responded to his requests, but instead forwarded the intellectual property to Intel. This, in turn, allowed Intel to make virtualization technology work with Core 2 Duo.

More about the extrodinary story here, here and here.

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