iCore: Virtualization For Use At Home

A new company, iCore Software, aims to bring the benefits of virtualization to the home PC market. The company’s first product, iCore Virtual Accounts, isolates and protects the various “identities” a home computer can have. Games, internet browsing, student files and important financial data can be completely segregated by virtually dividing one home computer into three. This is the first container-based virtualization solution for the Windows desktop.

iCore software allows to create multiple Virtual Account (iCore Computers) that run on top of an existing Operating System (OS). iCore VA are isolated and can be easily created or deleted without affecting each others’ state or the state of the core operating system.

Unlike many other virtual machines, iCore VA works on the OS kernel level. This means that iCore VAs can utilize all the power of your existing PC (such as modern video card, game adapter, etc.) and eliminate the need for additional licenses, performance overhead is almost zero.

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