Sun Releases xVM VirtualBox 2.1

Sun Microsystems has introduced an updated to xVM VirtualBox, now at version 2.1 (download here).

The latest release offers several enhancements, including:

  • 3D acceleration graphics adaptor uses Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) to run high-performance graphics applications, including CAM-based imagery software.
  • Better network performance speeds up network-intensive apps like videos.
  • Bridged networking configuration makes it easier to deploy Web stacks like LAMP or SAMP.

Also, xVM VirtualBox 2.1 supports:

  • Sun Storage 7000 unified storage systems
  • Intel’s new Nehalem-based processors
  • Mac OS X on Intel Virtualization Technology
  • VMware’s virtual machine disk (VMDK) and Microsoft’s virtual hard disk (VHN) file formats
  • 64-bit guest OSes on 32-bit host platforms

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