SourceForge Unveils Hosted Apps

SourceForge has announced the launch of Hosted Apps, a new service for developers that provides instant, virtualized access to popular open source applications. SourceForge will centrally manage the infrastructure and security of Hosted Apps, allowing developers to innovate freely without being distracted by the maintenance of their project’s infrastructure.

ReadWriteWeb has a good article on the launch.

The inaugural application lineup contains three of the most widely used applications within the SourceForge community: phpBB (forum software), MediaWiki (the wiki platform that powers Wikipedia), and LimeSurvey (an online survey tool). Because the Hosted Apps platform allows to easily add support for a wide variety of third-party open source applications, more applications are scheduled for deployment over the coming months.

These hosted applications can be enabled for any new or existing project through the Hosted Apps page in the project administration section.

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  1. John Troyer says:

    This seems more about hosting apps within the context of existing project collaborations rather than a general hosted apps offering. Do we know what platform they are using? Xen? Containers/Jails?

  2. @John Not sure, we’ve asked SourceForge for more information.

  3. Ross Turk says:

    Hey folks! :)

    @John is right, this is currently just application hosting for people who are doing open source software development on

    I don’t have a ton of details on our implementation, but I do know we’re using OpenVZ and Virtuozzo to do it. Drop me a line ( if you want some more details and I’ll dig ‘em up!

    @Robin, who have you been in touch with?



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