Microsoft Exchange Managed Services Provider Azaleos Adds Hyper-V Support

MS Exchange managed services provider Azaleos has announced its OneServer Virtual Edition now supports Microsoft Hyper-V Server, adding virtualization capability to Exchange email servers.

According to Azaleos’ announcement, Exchange virtualization can consolidate server and storage resources, simplify administration, and streamline high availability and disaster recovery. Already offering support for VMware ESX, Azaleos’ Exchange support gives customers the choice of either virtualization platform, or even a physical server.

According to another statement from Azaleos, “Microsoft Exchange Server typically does not require the full processing capabilities of an entire server, [making it] ideally suited for virtualization where its needs can be combined with other workloads.” This is also an early example of how email hosts can adopt Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization capabilities.

Managed services available on OneServer Virtual Edition include real-time monitoring and reporting system ViewXchange; remote command and control service ManageXchange; turnkey mobile device management and monitoring solution MobileXchange; anti-virus and anti-spam service ProtectXchange; disaster recovery service RestoreXchange; and archival and storage service ArchiveXchange.

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