iStor Introduces integraSuite Management Center

iStor Networks today announced (PDF) that it has started shipping its new management interface, integraSuite/MC Management Center.

iStor’s storage virtualization technology eliminates the requirement for managing individual RAID groups and their LUN configurations. Instead, integraSuite presents a pool of storage that is easily carved up into individual customized volumes, reducing administrative, support, and other operational costs.
iStor’s virtualized storage supports multiple RAID levels across drives, allowing the storage Quality of Service level to be tailored to each individual application. integraSuite facilitates flexible storage configurations by managing integraStor’s storage virtualization engine which can fully utilize all drive capacity in a pool of mixed drive configurations. When new larger disk drives are added to a system with older, smaller capacity drives, the newer larger capacity can be fully utilized. It’s just as easy to grow volumes and migrate RAID levels on the fly during disk I/O with just a few mouse clicks.
integraSuite includes a Java-based Graphical User Interface (GUI), Command Line Interface (CLI), and Microsoft’s Virtual Disk Services (VDS) interface.

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