Double-Take Software Picks Up emBoot for $10 Million in Cash


Double-Take Software announced (PDF) today the acquisition of emBoot, experts in network booting technology. emBoot network boot technologies allow organizations to easily assign and re-assign computing workloads to any available Windows or Linux physical servers or desktops or any virtual machine in their environment.

The acquisition follows Double-Take Software’s development of full system protection and recovery technologies as well as the acquisition of CDP recovery with TimeData as key components of the company’s Dynamic Infrastructure Strategy that aims to optimize, protect, monitor and recover workloads on any resource, anywhere and to any point in time.

The technology acquired with emBoot allows separation of the operating system, applications and data associated with a workload from the hardware it runs on. IT organizations can now move those workloads around in a matter of minutes whether it is because a disaster has occurred, a data center is moving, the company has decided to virtualize its infrastructure or an application needs more capacity.

Moving entire workloads around independent of the underlying physical or virtual hardware they are running on has been painfully complex and time consuming for IT administrators. By storing workloads on networked storage resources and making them available to physical and virtual servers on-demand, Double-Take’s new solutions now make it is easy for IT administrators to move critical applications and data according to their value and desired service level agreements and to optimize the use of test, production and disaster recovery computing resources.

emBoot’s technology is based on the growing iSCSI storage standard (Internet Small Computer System Interface). Double-Take’s new offering will provide two key capabilities for customers in support of movement to a more dynamic IT infrastructures:

  • Using any iSCSI compliant storage solution, those customers will be able to create bootable images of their production workloads and use a centralized workload management console to assign those workloads to any available physical or virtual machines in their environment.
  • Optionally, companies will be able to build a software-based iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN) using standard server hardware and storage using included iSCSI Target software.

IT professionals will be able to quickly create an IP SAN in minutes using commodity server hardware and disks they may already have. The iSCSI-based network booting features will make it easy to migrate workloads to new hardware, to virtual machines or back based on changing demands.

The company acquired emBoot for a total cash purchase price of $10 million.

[Source: Hypervoria]

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