Xenocode Pushes Major Update of Virtual Application Studio 2008

Xenocode released its flagship application virtualization solution Virtual Application Studio 2008 last May, and has now pushed its first major update, dubbed Service Pack 1. Virtual Application Studio allows Windows, .NET and Java-based desktop applications to be deployed in standalone executables that run instantly, anywhere.

Virtual Application Studio 2008 with SP1 includes a bunch of feature enhancements and engine upgrades, including:

  • Auto-configuration of Microsoft Office 2007 and other popular applications: An industry first, Virtual Application Studio completely eliminates the need for any snapshotting or sequencing to configure Microsoft Office 2007 and other popular applications.  Studio automatically configures itself for popular applications given appropriate source media and license keys.
  • Ability to import external application configurations, including VMware ThinApp configurations: Customers who have already packaged applications using other technologies, including VMware ThinApp/Thinstall, can now import these configurations into Studio with a single click, without the need for any recapture.
  • Communication between virtualized applications: Virtual environment process controls and jukeboxing allow multiple applications to share virtual resources and “talk” with one another. For instance, users can embed live Excel spreadsheets into Word documents or run multiple applications within a shared virtual environment.
  • New site licensing programs: Educational institutions, government agencies, and ISVs can now license Xenocode technology with no per-device or per-application fees.

A detailed list of updates and patches is available on the Xenocode RSS feed.

[Source: MarketWatch]

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