Virtual Bridges Upgrades Win4Lin Desktop, Releases Win4Solaris Desktop 5


Virtual Bridges announced today the release of a major upgrade to its Win4Lin Desktop product and a specially priced edition for Ubuntu users. Version 5 of its desktop virtualization system features performance increases that it claims beat the likes of VMware Workstation and other competitors in the growing desktop virtualization market.


Win4Lin Desktop 5 is based on code that has been re-engineered since 2005, when the assets of the former company NeTraverse were acquired to form Win4Lin, now renamed Virtual Bridges. The new verison includes support for 64-bit Linux and its architecture capable of interfacing with KVM.

Virtual Bridges has created a special Win4Lin Desktop 5 Ubuntu Edition, which they are offering for $29.99.

These are the major Features of Win4Lin Desktop Products, according to the news release:

  • Runs virtually all Windows applications from Microsoft, Intuit, Adobe, and most others, including in-house developed applications
  • Compatible with the latest Linux desktops (Ubuntu, Fedora, Open SuSE, Mandriva, and more)
  • A new Win4Lin Console for easy installation, backup, and management of Windows sessions
  • Share files and documents between Windows and Linux applications
  • Seamless printing from Windows
  • Easy access to files on flash drives, memory sticks, and digital photo cameras from Windows
  • Run Windows as a “desktop-in-a-box”, full-screen, or as “floating applications”
  • No need to understand complex virtual machine technology – Win4Lin does all the work for you

Win4Lin Desktop is being offered to users in two editions, Win4Lin Desktop 5 Ubuntu Edition and Win4Lin Desktop 5 Pro Edition. It is a no-cost update for Win4Lin Pro 4.5 users and is available here.

The company has also released Win4Solaris Desktop 5, also in two editions; Win4Solaris Desktop 5 Home Edition and Win4Solaris Desktop 5 Pro Edition.

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