BakBone Introduces NetVault: Backup 8.1 With Full Adoption of VMware Technology


BakBone Software has released a new version of its flagship data protection solution, NetVault: Backup 8.1, adding support for individual VMware ESX Servers as well as full virtual data centers, all integrated and managed from the NetVault: Backup GUI. Users do not need to create and run scripts, giving BakBone customers the flexibility to deploy data protection in virtual environments and manage the solution under one umbrella.


In addition to new VMware capabilities, BakBone now also provides full support for Novell‘s Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2. BakBone claims to offer the broadest Linux capabilities in the storage management market, supporting more leading Linux distributions and applications than any other data protection software vendor.

According to the press release, the highlights for NetVault: Backup 8.1 include

Full VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) Support

  • Offers the flexibility to protect virtual machines deployed on a VMware ESX Server or multiple VMware ESX Servers from a VCB proxy server
  • Provides protection for virtual machine images or individual files on Windows guest operating system without the need for complex scripting
  • Tracks virtual machine migration with VMotion

Full VMware virtual machine backups

  • Provides virtual machines with protection from disasters, media failure and data corruption
  • Protects the entire virtual environment in case of a disaster, including log and configuration files as well as the VMDK data files

Increased flexibility

  • Gives administrators automatic integration with supported devices, including a VTL, SAN, NDMP or locally attached drives
  • Offers greater granularity for Windows on VMware by allowing customers to backup and restore individual files within virtual machines
  • Empowers storage administrators to create comprehensive, flexible backup policies without the need to understand VCB internals or create complex scripts

NetVault: Backup 8.1 extends capabilities beyond the backup and recovery of virtual environments. The solution reduces the load on ESX Servers and simplifies virtual environment protection by consolidating backups through single servers. This is especially important for businesses that need to reduce data center energy demands as they consolidate hardware.

[Source: VMBlog]

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