Cisco And EMC To Merge?

We love rumors. This time, it’s not about EMC selling off its majority stake in VMware to say, Intel. President and chief editor of TMC, Rich Tehrani, is throwing another sweet-sounding one into the air: an upcoming merger between Cisco and EMC.

“If you are Cisco, it makes sense to pick up EMC now because the stock is down a bit and moreover Cisco would be able to immediately expand its product line beyond networking, telepresence and networking.

Overnight, Cisco could become a leader in storage and a very strong security player.

Remember that Cisco was an early VMware investor and they likely want to expand their ownership of the company.

Remember also that Cisco is doing some amazing things with virtualization in their routers and owning a premiere name in the virtualization space can only help their core offerings.”

What do you think? Any possibility this particular rumor might come through? Or total BS?

Let us know in comments!

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  1. Moogie says:

    This rumor is at least 4 years old… But it didn’t happen… yet ;-)

  2. Jeff says:

    This deal makes sense on paper, but the corporate cultures are so different, it would be like the Lakers marrying the Celtics.

    Cisco is a great company to work for. EMC, not so much. I would hate to see EMC bring Cisco down.

    Maybe if it were “EMC – a Cisco Company” it could work.

  3. Bugz says:

    Even though EMC owns VMware. VMware is entirely a different company in every sense. It would be apt not to refer EMC & VMware as a single company. And last but not the least, VMware is a phenomenal company to work for right now – in terms of the kind of work you can do, work culture, employee satisfaction etc.

  4. RumorMills says:

    EMC will get bought out by Cisco or Microsoft.

    EMC has a very strong portfolio:
    * Storage
    * Security
    * Content Management
    * Virtualization

    All of these areas are hot. EMC will get taken over before end of year for pennies on the dollar. $30-35/shr


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