vmSight Releases 3.5 Version of Virtual Network Intelligence Product Suite


vmSight recently announced the 3.5 release of its product suite. The Virtual Network Intelligence product suite allows customers to monitor, alert and report on application and user activity in virtual environments. The vmSight product suite includes VMware-certified virtual appliances for policy management and reporting and for monitoring.


vmSight Virtual Network Intelligence 3.5 adds the following key capabilities:

Application Performance Management – gather data on application response time, application uptime and network latency for all virtualized applications. Monitor, report and alert on service levels for specific applications, user groups and times of day. Measure end user experience and spot problems based on user satisfaction analytics and performance trends.

VM Sprawl Control – Sometimes referred to as “sprawl,” the uncontrolled proliferation of virtual machines can reduce the value and performance of Virtual Infrastructure. vmSight works to automatically and continuously monitor application performance trends and usage statistics to identify under-utilized applications and VMs. It identifies resources for reallocation and applications for consolidation to increase the cost savings of VM utilization.

VDI Diagnostics – continuously monitor VMware VDI deployments and infrastructure to ensure the success of VDI deployments. Capture information on RDP bandwidth, RDP connection results, network latency, and VMware VDM messaging results, as well as track all application activity from virtual desktops and bandwidth consumption by specific applications such as print jobs.

Other enhancements in the release include the ability to synchronize VM identities and groups from VMware VirtualCenter, along with the previously supported ability to synchronize user identities and groups from Active Directory (AD) or LDAP. This allows customers to define service level policies and report by groups defined in VirtualCenter and in AD/LDAP. The 3.5 release also offers capabilities to define charge plans and generate bills based on usage of virtualized applications. The model allows billing for virtualized business services on a connection time or data transfer basis.

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