Celceo Enhances Application Virtualization Technology, Bridges Virtual and Non-virtual Worlds

Last week, Boston-based Celceo unveiled the latest generation of its application virtualization technology for individuals and small businesses. With this latest release, Celceo allows “virtual applications to integrate with Windows while bridging the virtual and non-virtual worlds”.

Celceo - application virtualization

From the press release:

“We were the first to virtualize applications that have already been deployed, and we’re proud to be the first in bridging the virtual and non-virtual worlds,” said Christian Carrillo, Founder of Celceo. “Application virtualization has great potential but has suffered from high adoption cost. Innovations like these make the technology more accessible to more people.”

Carrillo added: “At Celceo, we’ve created a platform that helps us realize that future by making application virtualization flexible and transparent to end users, yet powerful enough to grow well beyond a software deployment tool to a sophisticated management, auditing and security backbone.”

Celceo offers its technology to solutions providers through its Application Virtualization SDK. Celceo’s SDK is designed to integrate with enterprise management software as well as endpoint security agents, allowing enterprise administrators to control applications, audit their utilization and performance, and deploy new applications. Celceo also distributes a stand-alone virtualization product, Celceo SmartBox, built on top of its SDK, for individuals and small organizations who want to start using application virtualization today.

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